Remembering to continue living, in a globalized society that remains unified over time.

The Covid-19 Ad Memoriam Institute aims to collect, archive and analyse the traces and memories of the pandemic.

In just a few weeks, the Covid-19 pandemic paralyzed the world. Because of its duration and the intensity of the measures taken during several months, it constitutes a major anthropological rupture for our societies, with lasting consequences.

In order to move forward and think about the future, the Covid-19 Ad Memoriam Institute brings together multiple worlds (research, health, law, justice, associations, major religious communities and currents of thought, artists, etc.) to think about the Covid-19 pandemic and to build the common together. The Institute’s vocation is to constitute a place of digital memory of the Covid-19 pandemic..

The work of the COVID-19 Ad Memoriam Institute is organized around three objectives.


The Institute is a space for preserving history and maintaining the memory of events related to the epidemic. It maintains the memory of the acts of courage and dedication that have helped mitigate the effects of the pandemic and contribute to outlining sustainable solutions for the future.

A digital site of memory, it integrates all perceptions of the Covid-19 pandemic, forginge a collective memory that includes all realities of the health crisis. The ambition is to give a collective dimension to the traumatic changes and personal disruptions (separation, distancing, death, mourning…) in order to repair the breakages in social, educational, economic and political relations.

Working with all the actors and contributors, the Institute encourages reflection and the collective invention of commemorative practices.


How could the Covid-19 pandemic paralyze our world in just a few months?

Faced with an invisible agent, health precautions have changed our relationship to finitude and death. In particular, they have disrupted the practice of rituals that allow societies to overcome major traumas. Everyone has been affected by the pandemic in his or her own way (distance, isolation, mourning, difficult or even unbearable living conditions, distancing from personal and professional relationships, loss of reference points, masked faces, social, economic and psychological tragedies…).

The Institute focuses on our stories and invites everyone to come and tell their own Covid-19 reality.


Like the great conflicts and epidemics of the past, Covid-19 accelerates the changes that affect our societies – changes that are in themselves challenges. It is necessary for societies to reinvent themselves and to think further ahead in the face of new practices and lifestyles that are taking hold, such as telemedicine, teleworking and distance learning.

The ambition of the Covid-19 Ad Memoriam Institute is to bring together research and a broad range of lived experience in order to understand and act. Everyone has a role to play.

The Institute aims to be a place of active digital memory of the COVID-19 pandemic.